B) Register: Adding/Removing Products to an Order

Learn how to add products to an order on the POS.

What's in this article?

In this article we'll cover the following actions for making orders:

  • Adding a product to the cart
  • Removing a product from the cart
  • One tap add to cart setting

Adding a Product to the Cart

To add a product to the cart simply tap a product on the register screen. This works the same way on both grid view and list view. You should see a popup that looks like this:

Size modifiers will also show first with normal product modifiers listing after in the order you set on the partner dashboard. On here, you can select all the modifiers you'd like, updating the price accordingly, and then add the product to the cart by tapping add in the top right.

A few notes:

  • Increase/decrease the quantity by using the - + toggles on the top.
  • You can tap the product when it is in the cart to pull this same popup up again and edit the selected modifiers.
  • A required modifiers will not allow you to add the product to the cart until you've selected an option.
  • Modifier options with quantity will show with a - + toggle on the modifier itself.

Removing a Product From the Cart

To remove a product from the cart, you can simply swipe from the right side to eliminate the item as seen below:

Additionally, you can tap on the product to edit it and hit the trash icon inside the popup. If you'd like to delete all products from a ticket, tap the garbage icon on the top right of the ticket.

One Tap Add to Cart

On the partner dashboard as well as in Edit Mode when you are creating a product, you can enable one tap add to cart. This will skip the popup for simpler products that have no modifiers and add it directly to the ticket with one tap. This tends to be useful for simpler items like: bottled water, croissants, etc.

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