B) Register: Checkout Process

Learn how the checkout process works for new orders and how each screen functions!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to checkout a new order on the POS and what the process looks like! We'll cover the following topics:

  1. Order Types
  2. Adding Patron
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Split Payments
  5. Confirmation screen

1. Order Types

The first screen you'll see after tapping charge on the register is the order type screen. Here you can select the type of order you want to track an order by. The default options here are:

  • For Here
  • To Go
  • Front Patio

In addition to the default order types, you can also create your own custom types through the partner dashboard. Read the article on that for more information on that process!

Selecting an order type is helpful for a few reasons. For starters, you can filter the ticket screens to only receive certain order types. If you have specialized stations such as a 'front patio' for in house vs. to go orders, you could route them to different places. Additionally, you can generate reports based on order types to see where you are making the most money from!

2. Adding a Patron

In the top right corner of the screen throughout the checkout process you will see a button to add a name to the order or link a patron. If the patron has an account with the restaurant, entering their phone number will automatically pull their information including gift cards and loyalty points. If they have not previously been to your business, a popup screen will prompt you to enter their name, thus associating that name with the phone number for all their future purchases! If a patron just wants to pay without linking a phone number you can add a customer name to the order by clicking add name.

Linking existing patron
Adding a new patron

3. Payment Methods

After you've selected an order type, the next screen is for choosing how you want to pay for the order. The main options as shown in the above image are:

  • Card: This will initiate a card payment on the connected reader. If no reader is connected, this option will not work. After paying with a card you'll notice a tip screen that you can flip towards the customer.
  • Cash: This allows you to enter in a cash payment received. We'll automatically generate some easy buttons but you can also enter in a custom amount that the customer has given you. We'll then tell you how much change to give back to the customer!
  • Manual Card: This allows you to enter in a card payment by either typing in the digits on the card or by using the camera on the tablet to quickly scan the details from the card! Additionally, if you've linked this order to a certain customer, we'll show any active cards on their account for you to quickly charge. The tip screen will also show after a manual card has been charged.
  • Invoice: This allows you to add an order to an active invoice and then charge it to a customer at a future date. This is helpful for any accounts you have that like to pay off more of a monthly tab. Selecting an invoice looks like this:
  • Gift Card: Charging a gift card will prompt you with two options: Physical card or digital card. You can select the type of gift card you'd like to charge and then follow the steps from there!
  • Rewards: This allows you to enter in a customer phone number and redeem their rewards for a discount/free item. If there are more items that need to be paid for after this, it'll take you back to the payment types screen to then pay off the rest with another method. Rewards can be toggled on and off in Settings > Loyalty > Rewards [Toggle On/Off]
  • Other: At the very bottom, you'll notice an option for other payments. In this section, we allow you to create your own payment types via the partner dashboard. You can name the other payment type anything you want and then we'll track it inside of reports by that name. After selecting the other type you want to charge, we provide a field for you to also enter in a tip that will get pooled into the same daily tip totals. Common use cases for other payments are: Student meal cards, manually entering in 3rd party app orders, etc.

3. Split Payments

In the event that you need to charge multiple methods on one order, you can tap the 'Split' button on the payment methods page. This will initiate a process that will repeatedly ask you for a payment amount then a payment type to get charged that amount until the order is fully paid off. You can see that in the following two screenshots:

4. Confirmation Screen

Once you've fully paid off an order, you'll be taken to the confirmation screen. Customers can claim digital receipts and see the rewards they've earned on the purchase. If they are a new customer, they can claim the rewards and create a new account with you. Additionally, if they paid with a card, they can choose to save that card for future reference and we'll automatically claim their rewards next time they spend.

Tapping the 'No Receipt' button will then display a big checkmark signaling to the customer that they do not need to do anything else!

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