B) Register: Selling Gift Cards

Learn how to sell gift cards at the POS!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to sell both physical and digital gift cards at the POS and the difference between the two. While on the home screen of the register, tap the Ticket Icon at the top of the screen (the left-most icon). Tapping it will show this:

The two options listed will be: Physical Gift Card and Digital Gift Card.

Physical Gift Cards

Dripos does physical gift cards in a unique way. Rather than swiping the card on the reader, we either have you scan the code on the back using the tablet's camera, or manually enter in the digits on the back of the card. We mainly do it this way in order to allow customers to import existing gift cards they already had created on other platforms. Since there are so many different types, it's easy to simply track them by the numbers on the back of the card.

Selling a physical gift card will look like this:

Gift Card Number: This is where you will either manually punch in the unique number code on the back of the card or select the 'Scan card' option to use the tablet's camera to do this for you!

Amount: Select the amount you'd like to put onto the gift card.

Once you've added the card to the order, you can simply checkout the customer and the card will then be funded.

Digital Gift Cards

We allow you to sell digital gift cards that can be sent out to customers via email or text message. Customers can spend using their digital gift cards on the mobile app, in-store, and on your online ordering website. Additionally, they can purchase them on their own via the mobile app and online ordering website.

Selling a digital gift card looks like this:

Rather than typing in a gift card number like you would for a physical card, you just need to enter in the recipient phone number. You can select between our already created designs and then add it to the cart. As soon as the order is paid, we'll automatically send out a text to the recipient with instructions on how to redeem the card!

In addition to selling gift cards on the POS, we provide you a page at the POS where you can see all active gift cards, balances, and more. We'll cover this in a different article! You can also track the same information via the partner dashboard.

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