D) Transactions

Learn a brief overview of what you can find inside of the transactions screen!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn an overview of all the things inside of the transactions screen and what you can do here. In additional articles, we'll learn about features inside of this screen and how to use them.

There are 4 main sections of the transactions screen.

  1. The list of orders on the left
  2. The order info on the right
  3. Search bar on the top
  4. Filter icon on the top right

1. The List of Orders

On the left, you'll notice a chronological list of all transactions that have taken place. These orders will be separated out by day. To view an order, simply tap on the transaction you'd like to see. It should pull up the info on the right side like this:

2. Order Info

Once you've selected an order, you'll notice the right side of the screen will populate. There are 3 main sections here:

  • The top section displays the order name, message button, and order tracker for fast access. Tapping 'Message' will take you to the customer support page of the POS and initiate a text message to the customer. Expand and close the order tracker by tapping the arrow on the right side of this modal!
  • Order Info: This section will show the order type, transaction amount, time placed, and platform type. You can also refund orders, edit information, and send receipts from here which we'll cover in a different article. If the device is a host device for a printer, you'll also notice a 'Print Receipt' button to manually print a receipt.
  • Status: This section displays the date and time created on the ticket. If you hit 'Start Ticket', that will move the ticket from 'Received' to 'In-Progress' on the Ticket Screen. Hitting 'Complete Ticket' will further edit the ticket status, and remove it completely from the Ticket Screen.
  • Payments: This section displays the payment information associated with a transaction. Here you can find information such as the payment type (Card, Manual Card, Online, Mobile, Cash, Rewards, Gift Card etc.) If the transaction uses a credit card, it will also display the last 4 digits of the card used. Hitting 'Void Ticket' will effectively delete the ticket, and remove any record of the transaction for reporting purposes.
  • Products: The 'Products' card will show all the products that were ordered as well as a fast 'Order Again' button which will create a new saved order with the same products in the cart and take you to the register. The Add Items button allows you to add new items to the same ticket!

3. Search Bar

The search bar will sort the list of transactions on the left based on what you type in. Below are all the things you can search by:

  • Customer name: Type in a customer name to see all the orders they have placed.
  • Last 4 of a card: Type in the last four digits of a customer's credit card to see all of the transactions associated with that card.
  • Ticket #: Search for all tickets associated with a certain ticket number. Every day tickets restart at #1 and increase until you close for the day.
  • $ Amount: Type in any dollar amount with the $ sign before it so find transactions for a certain amount.

4. Filter Icon

Sometimes it might be helpful to filter the orders down by a certain criteria rather than using the search bar. You can do this by tapping the filter icon in the top right of the page. The following popup will appear:

From here you can select any criteria you want for filtering orders down. All you need to do is select the checkboxes you want, enter in date range, and then hit 'Apply'! To reset a filter, reopen this popup and select 'Reset'

That's a brief overview of all the elements on the transactions page. In additional articles, we'll explain some of the features inside this screen!

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