Changelog 6/28

New Features and Reports!

June 28, 2022

New Features:


🎁 Gift Cards Overhaul: Physical and digital gift cards have now been combined into just gift cards. A gift card will now have the ability to have both an account (patron phone number) and physical gift card number attached to it. Along with that you’ll be able to see past transactions inside the gift card tab on the Point of Sale! The ability to create and edit these gift cards will be coming soon as well!

Partner Dashboard:

💸 Taxable & Non-Taxable Sales Reports: You can now break your Product Sales into Nontaxable and Taxable sales totals! This can be a great way to easily differentiate between. Find this on the web dashboard under ‘Reports’!

⏰ Time Card Updates: We added back in the ability to add a location to a time card, as well as the ability to create an open time card with no end time. Find these features on the web dashboard under Team > Timecards!