Changelog 7/13

Loads of new features and bug fixes!

July 13, 2022

New Features:


🖨 Scheduled Order Printer Changes: Scheduled order make tickets now print with a large ‘SCHEDULED’ text at the top of the ticket to differentiate scheduled orders from typical make tickets!

💻 Exit Kiosk Mode with PIN: Exiting Kiosk mode no longer requires logging back in to the app with a manager phone number! You can now set a pin to exit Kiosk mode right back to the Point of Sale! Find this in POS settings under ‘Kiosks’. To exit kiosk mode simply type in ‘Exit’ in the name field and your selected pin in the phone number field. Hit ‘done’, or ‘return’, and it should take you back to the register!

💸 Product Tax Toggle Changes: We removed the tax toggle for individual products from edit mode, this feature is now reserved for the web dashboard. We made this change due to some confusion between the mobile and kiosk enabled toggles and the tax toggle. You will still be prompted to decide whether a new product created from the register is taxable or not! We also added in a small tax disabled indicator so that you can easily identify products that might mistakenly have tax disabled!

Partner Dashboard:

🛠 Add and Edit Unavailability and Preferences: You can now add unavailability and preferences on the web dashboard via the Employee Page! Simply click on an employee profile, scroll down to ‘shift preferences’ and click ‘Add Unavailability’ or ‘Add Preference’. You can also click ‘Edit’ to edit and delete these!

📖 Alphabetize Time Cards Report: The Time Cards Report is now alphabetized for convenience on the Web Dashboard! Find this in Reports → Time Cards Report.


🐛 Scheduler Bug Fixes: We’ve fixed bugs related to editing duplicated shifts, duplicating shifts within a week, and events!

🏃‍♀️ Speed Increase: We’ve greatly improved the point of sale startup speed, as well as the speed it takes to process a transaction.