Changelog 7/26

New Features for Payroll and Bug Fixes

July 26, 2022

New Features:

⚠️ App Store Update: This week's update requires an app store update, which may require logging into your App Store and clicking 'Update' on the 'Dripos - Point of Sale' app. We also recommend enabling automatic updates! The correct version number (which you can find on the menu tab of the POS) should be v.1.1.9-rc.1.

Web Dashboard:

📆 Ability to Reorder Roles on Scheduler: You can now reorder roles on the scheduler the same way you can with employees! Simply go to the web dashboard, click on Team → Reorder Employees → Roles.

💲 Employee Default Payrates: You can now attach wage rates directly to employees rather than attaching them to roles, and attaching the roles to employees! You can do this from the web dashboard under Team → Employees. Simply click on an employee profile, hit ‘Edit Information’ and select ‘Default Rate’ under ‘Hourly Pay Calculation’. Edit your desired wage rage under ‘Default Hourly Rate’. Payrates attached to employees will take precedence over any other previously created payrates attached to roles.

💵 Tip Pooling Options: For our payroll customers, we added in the ability to split tips by Day, Week, and Pay Period in addition to Shifts, which was previously the default.


🍎 Apple Pay Order Website Fix: We fixed a bug pertaining to selecting Apple Pay as a payment method on our order website!