Changelog 7/6

Third Party Delivery and New Features!

July 6, 2022

New Features:

🚴 Third Party Delivery: We’re partnered with a company to bring third party delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more into our platform. This includes having their orders show up in our systems, as well as any menu update you make (including disabling and inventory changes) will automatically go to all linked delivery services with no extra hassle. We are currently looking for anyone who’d like to try this out, it’s starting at an extra $50 per month to cover the cost we have to pay the third parties. Shoot an email to if you’re interested.


🎁 Gift Card Confirmation Message Update: We’ve improved the text message instructions sent to patrons who receive a gift card to provide more context on how to use them.

Partner Dashboard:

Apply Modifiers to Categories: We’ve added the ability to add and remove modifiers to every product in a category easily. On the category page in the menu builder, you can select all, or one or more products in the table and add or remove global modifiers to all selected products with just two clicks!

📊 New Charts for Reporting: On the Sales Summary report, you can now see a bar graph breakdown of sales by hour over the course of a day. Mouse over the chart to see the number of tickets and sales volume by hour! Doing this in month or week view will show you daily tickets and sales volume.