Changelog 8/16

New Features for both Point of Sale and Web Dashboard!

August 16, 2022

New Features:

The correct version number (which you can find on the menu tab of the POS) should be v.1.2.0-rc.3!

Point of Sale:

👧 Look up patron by name: You can now look up and link patrons by name during the checkout flow on the Point of Sale! Simply click ‘Add name/patron’ in the top right corner during the checkout flow, click on ‘Link Patron’, and search by patron first names! This can be helpful since you won’t need to enter or ask for a phone number to link regular customers that use loyalty.

💲 Pre Tax vs After Tax Discount: You can now add a Post-Tax Dollar discount to a ticket on the register. You can find this by tapping the ‘Tags’ icon on the register, then clicking on ‘Custom $ Discount’, and then ‘View Post-Tax Discount’. Typing in a post-tax discount will also update the pre-tax discount amount!

🚫 Hide Modifier Name Toggle: We’ve added a toggle on the register to hide modifier names on the ticket screen! Find this in Device Ticket Options >> ‘Hide Modifier Names’. This option paired with compact mode can help compress tickets on your ticket screen so you can view more of them!

Web Dashboard:

🔖 Attach files to employees: We’ve added in the ability do attach .pdf files to employees. Files can be helpful if you need to upload any relevant certifications or documents and attach them to employee profiles. Find this in the web dashboard on the employees page under ‘Files’.