Changelog 8/2

Bug Fixes and New POS Features!

August 2, 2022

New Features:

The correct version number after installing this week's update (which you can find on the menu tab of the POS) should be v.1.2.0-rc.2!

Point of Sale:

🎁 Gift Card Tab Shows Reloads: The gift cards tab on the point of sale now shows transactions where a gift card was reloaded in addition to transactions where amounts are taken away.

✍️ Add Quantity to Custom Products: You can now add a quantity to custom products! Simply click ‘create a custom product’ from the point of sale and notice the quantity modal.


🪲 Gift Card Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where entering invalid phone number to gift card crashes the app. Also added in a feature to force creation of name when purchasing a gift card, which should solve some support issues with gift cards being created with no patron!