Changelog 8/23

Loads of new features, and closing down the old partner dashboard!

August 23, 2022

New Features:

The correct version number (which you can find on the menu tab of the POS) should be v.1.2.0-rc.4!

Closing down old web dashboard

The old website is coming to an end and we are fully switching over to our new web dashboard at We’ll be taking the website offline on Sep 6th, so make sure to start using the new dashboard before then!

Point of Sale:

✅ Checklist Updates: You can now turn off the requirement for a checklist to need an employee pin for marking items as done. This setting is per checklist and can be toggled on the checklist page on the web dashboard.

💸 Default Cash Drawer Amount: The Cash Drawer Starting Amount setting on the Order System settings page on the Partner Dash allows the user to create a default starting amount when opening a new cash drawer.

Web Dashboard:

📱 QR Codes to a specific category: You can now create QR codes that link to a specific category on the order website! Find this on the web dash in Restaurant Settings → Order Website → QR Codes.

👧 Editing Employee Account Names: You can now edit employee account names on the web dashboard!

💲 Discounts Report: You can now understand the discounts being used at your locations by viewing the totals over a period of time, or history of used disounts. Find this report on the web dashboard!

🗃 Employee Files: Employee files now support JPEG/JPG, GIF, & PNG files. You can upload these files on the employee profile page on the web dashboard!

🥤 Filter Auto-Completed Products: You can now filter products that are auto completed on the products page. Just go to the products page on the web dashboard, click product filters, and select auto completing. This can be helpful if you forgot to turn auto complete off for certain products or want a list of all auto-completing products!