Changelog 8/9

New Feature Preview!

August 9, 2022

New Features:

No Point of Sale Update was released this week, so the correct version number (which you can find on the menu tab of the POS) should still be v.1.2.0-rc.2!

Web Dashboard:

📚 Split Reporting By Device: You can now filter the sales summary by which device accepted orders! Find this on the web dashboard under reporting → platform sales → click on Point of Sale. There you’ll see a breakdown of each device name that accepted orders. This can be helpful if you’d like to analyze sales from two different registers!

New Feature Sneak Peek:

We’re rolling out a major overhaul to our loyalty feature coming soon! This new system will for creating rules to earn points based on products and categories, as well as redeeming points for individual products and categories. Here are some initial renders of what this might look like!