A) Employee Portal: Messaging

Learn how the chats feature works inside of the employee portal!

What's in this article?

In this article we'll learn how to message other team members directly on the dashboard app. To start, navigate to the 'Chats' tab inside of the employee portal.


Once on the chats tab, you'll see something that looks like this:

On the top, you can search through your chats as well as create a new chat.

Below that, you can see all chats you are in. Any unread messages will show a red circle icon until you have read them.

Creating a new chat

To create a new chat, tap the 'New' text in the top right. You'll see the following page:

This new chat has no recipients on it by default. In order to send a message, tap the middle of the screen where it says 'Add Recipient'. From there, you can add any team members you'd like and begin sending messages.

Viewing an active chat

Tapping on an active chat will show the chat's history. You can edit certain info as well by tapping on the information icon in the top right of a chat.

From here, you can edit who is on the chat, add new recipients, change the name of the chat, and leave/archive the chat.

Other important info

  • You can send images inside of chats by tapping the picture icon to the left of the chat input box.
  • All messages send a push notification to everyone on the chat. If you'd like to be notified, make sure you've enabled notifications inside of your phone's settings.

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