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Learn how to use the reports on the Dashboard App!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll go over how to create and view reports on the dashboard app on your phone.

To access reports, swipe from the left of your screen on the app and open up the side menu:

Tap on 'Reports' to access the reporting section of the app. As a reminder, not all employees will have access to everything in this side menu. You get to decide what permissions employees have based on their role. To learn more about that, read the Roles article on the partner dashboard website docs.


Once you've navigated to the reports page, you'll see the following:

There are 4 main sections:

1) Date selector: on the top of the page, you can change the dates of the report. Tapping the arrows on the left and the right will move forward/backward a week. Tapping on a day of the week will update the numbers to show the reports for that specific day.

Additionally, you can tap the date between the arrows to select dates directly from a calendar. If you want to create a report over a longer period of time, tap the start date once, then tap the end date. The report will then show as follows:

2) Sales Summary: The first report to show will always be the sales summary. The graph will show you a view of sales by hour of the day. Additionally, you can tap on the report to see the following breakdown:

These reports all show up the same here as they would on the POS and partner dashboard website!

3) Other Reports: Besides the sales summary, we include all the other reports below. To view all the report types, tap the 'More' button of the View Reports section. You can then tap any report to see a breakdown for the day(s) you have selected.

4) Comparisons: At the bottom of the reporting section, we've included a comparison section. Here you can compare certain dates side by side to get a view into the past.

Tap the 'View' button to look at and edit the comparison.

To change the dates, simply tap the boxes at the top of the report and select the dates you'd like to compare.

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