D) Scheduling: Timesheets

Learn how to view and edit timesheets on the dashboard app!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to see all the timesheets that have been created at your business and how to edit them if needed. Additionally, you can manually create new timesheets for employees who forgot to clock in.

To get to the timesheets page, open the side menu of the dashboard app by swiping from the left of the screen. Then tap the 'Scheduling' section. Once inside of the scheduling section, you'll notice two options on the bottom of the page. Tap 'Timesheets' and you'll enter the timesheets section of the app!


Here is an example view of the Timesheets page:

There are 3 main sections to the page:

1) On the top, you can change the week by using the arrows on the left/right or by tapping the date in the middle to pull up a calendar select. Timecards will always show on the dashboard app as a weekly breakdown. If you'd like more specific breakdowns, you can use the timesheet function on the partner dashboard! The dashboard app generally works better for fast, on the fly updates.

Under the date, you'll see a summary of the amount of time cards that have been created, the total amount of hours, as well as the pay earned by employees. This will update as you change the date range.

2) Underneath the top section, there is a small section with the 'Employee Timesheets' text and green +. This is where you can create a new time card manually. When you tap on the +, the following page will show:

Once here, you can select an employee, add clock in times, and create a new time card!

3) The main section, shows a list of all employees who have worked over the time period selected and their cumulative totals. You can tap on an employee to see a view of all their timesheets:

Tapping on a specific time card will enable you to edit the start/end times and some additional information:

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