B) Register: Offline Mode

Learn how to take card payments and orders while offline and batch process them when connection resumes.

What's in this article?

In this article we'll cover how the POS offline mode works. In the event that your internet connection goes down, our offline mode allows you to maintain operations, to a certain degree, until you can get back online.

Creating an order when offline

When you enter offline mode, you'll notice some text appear towards the bottom of the register screen as seen below.

On the top of the app, inside the status bar, you'll also notice it has turned red and shows 'Internet Status' as offline.

To create an order, simply add products to the cart as you normally would. When you are ready to charge a customer, continue to the checkout process. When you get to payment, you should notice that there are now only two options:

Offline mode will only allow to take payments in the form of manual card entries or cash payments. If you are selecting manual card, we've included a PCI compliant way for you to quickly scan a card and pull the card details using the tablet's camera. This should help speed up operations while your internet is down.

A couple things to note about processing offline orders:

  • Orders will not sync to the various ticket screens inside the shop while offline.
  • There is no guarantee that all card payments will be accepted. Since we are storing the card payments offline to be processed later, there could be potential card declines that won't show until actually processed.
  • Customer details will not pull for things like loyalty and naming orders.
  • Digital receipts will not send out while offline.
  • Locally stored card payments maintain all security and PCI compliance.

Processing orders when back online

Once you have internet connection again, you will need to manually reconnect the POS app by tapping the 'You are offline or have pending offline orders, tap to view' text on the register page. We do not automatically put the device back online to prevent any confusion as you are working. Once you tap that text, you'll see a page with a summary of the pending orders:

Upon tapping 'Process Orders' in the upper right, all stored payments will be processed in one go. After that, the device will re-enter normal online mode. You'll be able to review all the transactions inside of the Transactions screen.

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