B) Register: Saved Orders

Learn how to create saved orders and use them for things like Tabs, Drive thrus, Delivery, and much more!

What's in this article?

In this article we'll learn about saved orders, how to create them, and what they are best used for! Essentially, a saved order is a way for you to create and fire an order without the need for taking a payment. You can save the order, reopen it, and pay it off at any time after creation. The main sections of this article are:

  1. Creating a saved order
  2. Closing a saved order
  3. Common use cases for saved orders

1. Creating a Saved Order

To create a saved order, you'll tap the clipboard icon next to the search bar on the POS register page. This will pull up the following screen:

On this example, there already are a few saved orders that have been created. You'll notice they list out in chronological order with the newest ones showing up at the top. Tapping on different orders will re-open already created saved orders and change the ticket on the right to what's inside of them.

To create a new one, tap the 'New order' button towards the top. You'll see the following screen:

On this screen, you'll see all the fields you can fill out for the order. Note that the only required things to fill out are the name and order type. Here are the fields you'll see:

  • Customer phone: We put customer phone first to make it easy to autofill other information. If a customer already has an account with you, you can enter their number in here and it will autofill their name, and address if entering a delivery order.
  • Order name: This is the name the order will be tracked by on the ticket screen and transactions screen. If linking a customer by phone number this will autofill, but you can also quickly enter in any name you want.
  • Order time: Here you can select if this will be an asap order or a scheduled order for a future time.
  • Order type: Select the type of order you are entering. If entering in a delivery order, an address input field will show up below this section.
  • Notes: Enter in any order notes here. These notes will display on printed tickets and on the ticket screen as the order is being prepped.
  • Pre-authorize a card: At the very bottom, you'll notice an option to pre-authorize a card for payment. This is great for bar tabs as you can select this option, swipe a card on the reader, and then pay off the order at any time in the next 24 hours without the need for swiping the card again. If a card reader isn't available, feel free to hit the Manual Card Pre-Authorize button and manually enter a card.

Once you are ready, tap 'Add' and the new saved order will be created. You'll be taken back to the register screen with an open saved order that has no items on the ticket. From here, you can add any products you'd like and then either pay it off immediately or save it to pay off later.

2. Closing a Saved Order

There are three options to close out a saved order in the bottom right of the POS:

  1. Tap 'Save order': this will fire the ticket to the ticket screens, printers, etc. with all the items on the ticket. If it had previously been saved already, doing this again will reprint the order as well as add any new items that are on the ticket to your ticket screens.
  2. Tap the checkmark: this will send any new updates on the ticket to all of the ticket screens, however it will not print a new ticket. If you aren't using a printer, then feel free to hit either as it'll function the same as 'Save order'
  3. Tap 'Charge': this will initiate the checkout process where you can choose your payment type and charge the customer. If a card has already been pre-authorized, it will immediately take you to the tip page since the payment has been predetermined.

After you pay a saved order off, it'll disappear from the saved order list as it is now a closed transaction.

3. Common Use Cases

Saved orders are extremely helpful for a few different use cases. Listed below are some common ones we see often.

  • Drive thru's: Saved orders work great for taking an order when a car first enters a drive thru and then sending it out to all the appropriate prep areas. By the time the car gets to the window, items can already be ready to go and you can reopen the ticket to charge the customer.
  • In-house delivery: Dripos supports many in-house delivery operations, like pizza shops, that rely heavily on saved orders. When a customer calls in, you can initiate a new order, input their address and other info at the start of the call, then enter in their items, and then charge them right away using manual card payment. While creating the order, we'll show a map with your delivery zones outlined for you to see if the order is inside your zones prior to taking the order down!
  • Bar tabs: For bars looking to create tabs for their customers, using saved orders in combination with card pre-authorization is extremely helpful. You only need to swipe the card at the beginning of the sale and then you can give it back to the customer and check them out at any time. You can also continually reopen the tab and add new items to it as they order additional items.

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