I) Checklists

Learn how to use operational checklists on the POS!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to use the checklists feature on the POS. Checklists allow you to create a list of tasks that employees need to complete at certain times of the day. You can create lists for open/close, shift change, and anything else you'd want!

Creating checklists is done on the partner dashboard. If you need help with that, there is a separate article on that process.


To view checklists, navigate to the Checklists tab on the POS. Here's an example page with some lists already created:

On the left, there is a list of the current day's checklists. You can see when each list is supposed to start as well as the progress. If you'd like to view past day's lists, you can tap the toggle for 'History'.

On the right, is where the checklist will show up once you've select one. Let's go over that now!

Viewing a checklist

Once you've tapped on a checklist, the following will show up:

The checklist will show all the individual tasks listed out. To complete a task, an employee can tap the checkmark and enter in their pin. The system will track which employees completed every task. The top of the page will also show how much time is left on the checklists!

As a reminder, checklists are created on the partner dashboard website! If you need help with that, read the article on that.

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