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Learn how to clock in and out for a shift on the POS!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to clock in and out for a shift as an employee. Every time an employee clocks in, a new time card is created that you can view on the partner dashboard. It'll auto calculate the amount of hours an employee worked. At the end of a payroll cylce, all of this data will port directly into dripos' payroll system for you to approve. If everything looks good, payroll can be ran in one click!

Clocking in

To clock in, navigate to the 'Timeclock' page on the POS. It should look like this:

On the left, you'll see a list of all current employees that are clocked in and a running total of their shift's hours. You can tap the toggle for 'Upcoming' to see employees that are scheduled to come in later that day.

On the right, you have a box to input a pin number and a button to confirm.

To clock in, input a pin number and tap the button for 'Clock in/out'. You'll see the following page:

A confirmation page will show up once successfully clocked in. If a manager has added shift notes, those will show up here as well. Tap 'Continue' to go back to the timeclock screen.

Clocking out

Similar to clocking in, all an employee needs to do is put their pin number in and hit the 'Clock in/out' button. Upon clocking out, an employee will see a similar confirmation screen:

If you need to edit an employee's time card due to them forgetting to clock in/out, you can do that on the partner dashboard! Employees will also be able to see their completed shifts on the dashboard app.

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