K) Cash Management

Learn how to manage cash levels during the day on the POS!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to manage cash levels during your operational hours. There are two ways we can do this:

1) Cash Drawer Management

2) Driver Banks

The second is only relevant for locations fulfilling their own deliveries with drivers they hire.

Cash Drawer Management

Let's start by defining how the system works! On the POS, we allow you to open 'Cash Drawers' at each device. Usually this is done for the registers that have a cash drawer connected to them. We'll go over the process for opening a drawer later, but just know that each cash drawer you open has a starting cash amount. This is something that you can set to whatever you'd want. If you have $200 in the drawer to start each day, then you'd set the open amount to $200.

As cash sales and pay ins/outs occur, we'll automatically calculate the expected cash amount that should be in the drawer. When it is time to close for the day, you'll then be able to count the cash, input the amount you have, and then compare to the expected amount to see if the cash you collected is over/under the expected amount. These reports are also available on the partner dashboard for you to view!

To look at a cash drawer, navigate to the 'Cash Management' tab on the POS. You'll see the following page:

On the left, you can see a history of all the past cash drawers listed out by date. Underneath each drawer, you'll see an amount for how much the cash drawer was over or under the expected amount.

On the right, you can manually open a new cash drawer instance through the button on the screen. When viewing a drawer, this side of the screen will change.

Viewing a cash drawer

Tap on an instance in the list view on the left to view a cash drawer. The following example shows a drawer that is open still:

As you can see, the drawer tracks the cash by the following equation:

  • Starting Cash - Paid out + Paid In + Cash Sales - Cash Refunds = Expected in Drawer

If you need to take cash out of the drawer or add cash into the drawer, you can use the 'Pay in/out' button which will show the following popup:

Here, you can enter in any amount as well as add notes that will show up on the reports.

At the bottom of the cash drawer page, you'll see all the instances of pay in/out events!

To close the drawer, tap the 'Close Drawer' button and enter in the amount of cash you counted. We'll then tell you if there was a difference!

Driver Banks

For locations using our in house delivery system, we'll track your delivery driver's cash levels similar to how we'd track cash in the drawer at a register. Every time a new driver starts their shift, a driver bank will be created with the starting amount you've set. As the driver collects cash sales and tips, the system will update. At the end of a shift, we'll automatically tell the driver how much cash they owe back to the store!

To view driver banks, toggle the button on top of the list view to 'Drivers'. You'll then see a breakdown of all the past driver banks. You can tap on one to see a full breakdown of their deliveries and cash levels:

Drivers can create pay in/out events as they are starting and ending their shifts to track the amounts in the drawer.

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