E) Patrons

Learn how to view your list of patrons who have an account with you!

What's in this article?

In this article we'll learn about the patrons screen on the POS. Here you can view an alphabetical list of all your customers, see their profiles, and manually create new customers.

The Patron Profile

All patrons are listed in the column on the left of the screen. To view a patron profile, simply tap on the Patron you want. Additionally, use the search bar on the top of the page to find patrons by name or phone number. Once you tap a patron, the screen will look like this:

There are 6 sections on the Patron Profile:

1) Quick View: The top section displays the name and quick statistics on the customer. You can also initiate a new message from here as well.

2) Patron Info: This displays the customer's name, number, email, as well as internal notes that you can add about the customer. These notes will only show up on your end, the customer will never see them. Additionally, you can edit the Patron's info by tapping the purple text in the top right corner.

3) Saved Cards: A customer is able to save credit cards for payment on both the mobile app and your online ordering website. These saved cards can also be used as a payment option when doing a manual card entry at the POS. If needed, you can add new saved cards to a customer's profile from here as well.

4) Saved Addresses: For businesses that offer their own delivery options, customers will be able to save their addresses for quick use on future orders. These will also auto populate when creating an order on the POS. You can add a new saved address from here as well.

5) Order History: This displays a list of every order a customer has ever placed at your business. To view a transaction, tap the 'View Transaction' text in the table. The page it takes you to will show the same order review as you'd find on the transactions page.

6) Redeemed Rewards: This displays a list of past orders that have been redeemed using rewards points!

Adding a New Patron

To add a new patron, simply tap the 'Create a Patron' button on the home page.

Once you've tapped that, you'll see the following page:

Once here, the only information you need is a name and phone number. You can add the rest of the details once their account has been created!

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