G) Delivery: Assigning & Grouping Orders

Learn how to assign and group delivery orders on the POS!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll go over how to assign delivery orders to drivers as well as how to group similar orders together.

In order to do either of those things, you first must learn how to select an order.

Selecting an order

To select an order, there are two options.

1) Tap an order in the list view on the right side near the circle selector. Once selected, you'll notice it fills in and changes color. The map will also zoom in for you on any order you select in the list.

2) Tap an order on the map view and it'll pull the list view to that order and automatically select it.

Once you've selected the orders you want, you'll notice three buttons on the list view. The 'Clear Selection' button will simply unselect everything.

Grouping orders

As you are determining which orders to dispatch together, we provided you a way to digitally group them on the screen. This is especially helpful for delivery heavy businesses who might be dealing with 50+ orders at once. Often times during slower operational hours, this step can be skipped.

Grouping orders will automatically create a color for the group and update them on the map and list view. You can then assign an entire group to a driver with one tap rather than having to separately assign each order. There are two ways you can group orders after you tap the 'Group orders' button.

1) Create a new delivery group: This allows you to enter in a name for the group and create a new one.

You can name the group anything you want. Additionally, once a group has been assigned to a driver, it'll automatically delete.

2) Add to an existing group: If you have an existing group of orders and would like to add orders to it, you can select that as an option and choose your group.

When orders become grouped, we also update all of the ticket screens to reflect the groups. This can help anyone prepping the food to know which orders will be going with each other:

Assigning orders

Once you are ready to dispatch orders to a driver, you can either select a group from the 'Un-assigned by group' view by type, or you can select individual orders. Then you tap the 'Assign orders' button hovering above the list view. You'll see the following prompt for choosing a driver:

After tapping submit, the orders will then show up on the driver's dashboard app for them to begin completing. On the POS, the orders will then show up under the 'On-route' view by type.

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