G) Delivery: Managing Drivers, Groups, and Estimates

Learn how to add/remove drivers, update delivery estimates, and more!

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll go over all the action items that show up on top of the map view on the delivery screen.

There are 3 things we'll cover:

1) Managing drivers

2) Deleting order groups

3) Changing delivery estimates

Managing drivers

Before you can have drivers logging in and completing orders, you'll need to make sure you've first created them as employees in the system. Read the partner dashboard article on that if needed!

Adding Drivers

Once you have some drivers added into the system, they can clock in directly on the delivery screen by tapping the 'Add Driver' button. Unlike normal employees, drivers do not need to clock in through the time clock on the POS. Simply adding themselves as a driver will clock them in and start a new timecard for them.

How to add a driver:

1) Tap the 'Add Driver' button

2) Enter in the employee's pin number associated with their account

3) That's it! They are now logged in and ready to start fulfilling orders

Logging in will do two things

  • Start a time card for the driver.
  • Open a driver bank for the driver to manager their cash. (Will talk about this later)

Removing Drivers

When it's time for a driver to end their shift, they simply need to tap 'Remove Driver' and then enter their pin again. This will end the time card and show the driver a shift summary on what they earned and how much they owe back to the store.

Driver Banking

Similar to how Dripos will automatically track the cash drawers at your business, we'll also track the cash on hand for drivers and how much they've earned from deliveries and tips. We'll explain how to change the settings for this in another article, but for now just know that you can track this automatically.

On the 'Cash Drawer' screen on the POS, you'll notice that every time a driver logs in, a new driver bank is created:

This will log all the cash sales, tips, and earnings for that driver's shift. When they log out, it'll automatically close their bank and show them this summary:

They'll be told how much cash they started with, see a breakdown of the shift, and see the amount they owe back to the store.

Order Groups & Estimates

If you created a delivery order group that you'd like to delete or if you'd like to change your quote time, you can tap the settings icon on the delivery screen:

This will pull up the following screen:

From here, you can edit the minutes you are quoting customers for delivery and it'll automatically update across all order trackers and ordering channels instantly.

You can also delete an unwanted delivery group by tapping the trash icon on the list of groups.

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