G) Delivery: View by Types

Learn how to change the orders you are viewing on the POS delivery screen.

What's in this article?

In this article, we'll learn how to toggle between different view by types on the delivery screen. If you haven't already, read the delivery overview article to get started fist.

There are 7 view by types on the POS delivery screen:

1) All Unassigned

2) Un-Assigned by Group

3) On- Route

4) Delivered Today

5) Next Unassigned - 5

6) Next Unassigned - 10

7) Next Unassigned - 20

Before explaining each one, remember that the view by type you select will determine which orders show up in the list view and the map view of the delivery screen. Both of which will always show the same orders:

All Unassigned

This view will show all orders the have yet to be assigned to drivers. There are 3 sections on the list view:

1) Past due: these are orders that are past their quote time and most likely will want to go out first.

2) ASAP: this lists out all orders in chronological order from when the order was placed. Grouped orders will still show on this list but they won't be listed out by the groups, solely by chronological order.

3) Scheduled: future orders that are scheduled for a different time will list out last in this section.

Un-Assigned By Group

This view will show the exact same orders as 'All Unassigned'. The only difference being the order they show up in the list view. This will show orders separated out by the groups they are in. All the groups will show up first followed by any un grouped orders below them. We'll explain grouping and assigning orders in another article!


Once you've assigned a group of orders or single orders to any drivers, this view by type will list out all the deliveries on the road. The list view will sort them out by driver and the drivers each have their own color. Orders on the map will correspond to the same color as their driver. As orders are being completed, they will disappear from this view.

Delivered Today

Here you can see a complete list of all the orders that have been delivered in the current business day. The orders will list out in chronological order and you can tap on them to see the info on who completed them.

Next Unassigned - X

There are 3 options for this view by type. For businesses that might have 50+ active deliveries at one time, this can be helpful to figure out which orders to dispatch next. As an example, the 'Next Unassigned - 5' will show only 5 orders. The 5 orders it shows will be the 5 oldest orders that have yet to be dispatched. The same goes for each of these view by types.

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